Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Studio on the Halloween Trick or Treat Tour

I’m taking part in the Online Hallowe’en Artists’ Studio Trick or Treat tour and here are my offerings for the tour with 25% of all my sales going to a great local animal charity:        Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue 

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Welcome... Come on in

First up for sale is this adorable one of a kind little Owl totem to bring good luck. 
He is 100% handmade with polymer clays and hand painted with acrylics, then sealed with varnish.
He is just a sculpture right now but I can fit him with a loop so that he can be an ornament or a necklace. 
He Measures just over 1" and has tons of detail. Priced at $35.00
Please Click on images for larger size

Next is this great handmade one of a kind dream catcher like you've never seen before, I made it in Halloween colors so it can be a unique Halloween decoration while still helping you to have sweet dreams. It was a lot of work, I stripped the leather, wrapped the frame, spun the web etc... The entire thing, including all of the beads, is handmade and hand painted by me. 
Plus a special BONUS named Buzzer the Bat! I've needle felted a little vampire bat to go on the dream catcher but the greatest part is that he's is removable and is a pin that you can wear to show your Halloween spirit! Truly a one of a kind piece. Measures just over 15" including the feathers. Priced at $95.00...SOLD

Without Buzzer

Buzzer on the bottom




And last is this adorable one of a kind hand needle felted Opossum named Jack. He comes with his own Jack-O-Lantern, that can be turned around so it looks like just a pumpkin. This possum can also play with anything else of a similar size or just stand on his own. Jack was a lot of work, 100% hand needle felted with acrylic painted polymer paws, eyes and nose. He's a miniature and Measures just under 2" tall. Priced at $125.00...SOLD 
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Shipping is FREE within the United States! International shipping will be $8.00 USD. 

I Take paypal or checks with a hold for clearance.  

Email me at if you are interested in any of my creations. Remember you will be supporting a great animal charity.

 You can also view my website for more info


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Thanks for looking and Happy Halloween! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is needle felting? Needle felting is the process of stabbing wool roving or like material repeatedly with special barbed needles. I have worked with all types of roving from sheep, alpacas, rabbits and have even worked with real pet fur on many occasions. I start each creation with a small lump of raw wool roving and as I begin stabbing the wool, the barbs in the needles cause the wool to tangle. Felting each bit of wool into a firm shape makes it possible to create just about any shape. It takes tens of thousands of needle pokes to create each piece. Needle felting is an old art form that has only recently began to gain popularity. I feel it’s amongst the most tedious of the fiber arts. And although I love painting, photography and sculpting with clay, needle felting with wool is my medium of choice. View my website for more info and for many photos of examples of my work...